Digital transformation in the freight world

The future of logistics is digital. 

You have probably heard it too many times already but still, you can’t deny it’s a fact. The freight and logistics sector is no different from any other sector, all hit by the technology wave but only some are on top the wave. 

Technology can be seen as an enemy, a complication or just “a thing you have to do because everyone is doing it”. Not everyone understands the power of it and the immense contribution it can bring to flow and processes optimisation. 

The freight and logistics world, known as a not-very-tech sector, although it has introduced digital innovations at a slower pace than other industries, is now going through a real revolution. The quality of the services offered by (some) freight forwarders and other operators is improving dramatically, due to the improved exchange of information and data analysis provided by new softwares and hardwares.

This is beneficial on both sides. Think of all the space that goes empty accross the world everyday. With technology, forwarders are now able to optimise their work and clients have more opportunity to fill that empty space and receive a quicker and often cheaper service. 

Technology can be beneficial for the entire planet if we think of all the softwares and other tech that can help the shipping industry control/reduce CO2 emissions and other social aspects that impact all of us. A report from the World Economic Forum indicates that there is $1.5 trillion¹ of value at stake for logistics players and a further $2.4 trillion worth of societal benefits as a result of digital transformation of the industry up until 2025. 

What do we exactly mean with “digital transformation” and how does it apply to the freight world?

Digital transformation can came in many ways, below a mini-list of the most innovative and consolidated ways of making the supply chain (more) digital:

  • SaaS Core Solutions: softwares that drive operational agility into the business. They replace the old custom-builds that were used for ages

  • Big Data Analytics: with a simpler way to collect huge quantities of data, operators are drastically optimising the way they do things

  • Digital Platforms: leverage the connectivity aspect and optimises processes with other parts of the business or external parts

  • Robotics: process automation is a big deal in the logistics sector

  • Blockchain: a secured data storage and distribution platform that would bring TRUST in the shipping sector

  • Augmented reality: will revolutionise the way goods are picked, packed and processed in warehouses 

Technology can also help with the business model itself. It will be a lot easier to improve the sales with the inclusion of digital touchpoints or improve the customer service by providing timely informations.

Here at Zeta, for years, we have been very attentive to technology and innovation so we can offer high quality services to our customers. We also have a very keen eye on the environment of all our operations, including a solar panel power plant that goes across the entire roof of our headquarter.

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