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Throughout history, oceans have been the most widely used mode of transportation for businesses. It gives them the ability to expand their operations to international shores without overburdening them with the extravagant cost of logistics.
Apart from being cost-effective, sea freight is the most environment-friendly mode of transportation. However, businesses are often riddled with a litany of logistical concerns when transporting their goods through oceans.
Moreover, ocean freight providers normally do not offer the desired transparency and reliability—tracking solutions,

easy documentation, and other services—making it difficult for businesses to trust their freight forwarders. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic and its continuing effects on trade have only exacerbated the challenges for shippers in the dynamic ocean freight landscape. Not to mention the impact of Brexit that has a clear impact on every stage of the logistics process, from transport fees and new limitations to restrictions on
imported goods. 

To this end, businesses need a competent partner that can help them strengthen relationships with suppliers, improve their negotiating power, have the ability to forecast changes as well as stave-off any other shippingrelated vagaries.
This is where Italy-based logistics company Zeta System comes into the picture that offers customised freight management solutions for businesses across Europe, from west Mediterranean countries like Italy and Spain to North European countries like U.K., Ireland, and others. 

A full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and an ISO 9001 certified company for its quality management system, Zeta System specialises in full container load (FCL), port operations, fast load and more for any shipment, ranging fromfood stuff, furniture, leather to consumer goods. “We are the only maritime transport company that offers sea freight rates for special equipment—40’Pallet Wide and 45’HC Pallet Wide containers—and also standard containers, for the trades between Italy and Spain to the UK. We also directly own a fleet of 1000/45’hcpw units,” states Antonio Zaccagnino, CEO at Zeta System.

A Go to Partner for End-to-end Distribution Chain Management

Established in 1992, Zeta System has been a market leader in developing technological solutions that help businesses costeffectively manage and control every step of their logistics chain, including supply chain management, forwarding and groupage, and warehousing and distribution services.
The company boasts of a team of young and performing employees that continuously work to help clients at each step of the way. “We take staff training very seriously to avoid clerical mistakes, enabling our clients to have the best services in terms of assistance and quality,” informs Zaccagnino. Additionally, Zeta System’s 100 affiliated companies help them make clients’ purchases, sales, and logistics easier all over the world.
Moreover, Zeta System provides air and road freight services for time-conscious businesses that want agile transportation services. With years of experience, the company’s consultants supervise all the operations of distribution of goods, from pick-up to delivery, to ensure the goods arrive safely and on time. Further, with one of the best and most efficient distribution resources worldwide, Zeta

System also offers fast and convenient door-to-door pick-up and delivery of goods through its road freight services. 

“The UK is our main market that we serve with door-to-door services especially from Italy, Spain, and Romania, where we have direct offices, as well as from many other countries,” mentions Zaccagnino.
Not only this, but the company also renders robust valueadded services. Through a network of offices and affiliated companies based in the world’s main trading centres, Zeta System assists businesses in the seamless management of their international trade. With years of experience in the logistics industry, it eliminates all the administrative hurdles by helping the clients fill the forms for Customs procedures, Chambers of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and other governmental organisations. For Instance, after the Brexit, the company opened a customs office in the UK to support its clients at each step through the Brexit, allowing them to have only one interlocutor for all procedures.

We are the only maritime
transportcompany that offers sea
freight rates for special equipment—
40’Pallet Wide and 45’HC
Pallet Wide containers—and also
standard containers, for the trades
between Italy and Spain to the UK.
We also directly own a fleet of
1000/45’hcpw units

Along with clearing all the administrative hurdles, the company also guarantees access and fast loading on the whole Italian territory and major international ports. More importantly, Zeta System provides each client with a dedicated login area where they can check the status of their shipments and download all the other documents, giving them the required transparency and reliability to transport their shipments without any worries. The company does not undertake a one-size-fits-all approach and learns about the logistics operations of its clients before crafting a tailored plan to meet their specific
needs. Subsequently, the experts at Zeta System aids throughout the clients’ journey. For example, Zaccagnino shares a customer success story where the sofa makers in the town of Matera were struggling to transport their sofas to the UK due to significant cost-inefficiency. As a result, Zeta System spoke to the shipping lines in the region and provided the sofa manufacturers with cost-efficient sea freight services from Italy to the UK. Today, the company is a market leader in offering sea freight services from the West Mediterranean countries to North Europe. “After successfully transporting sofas from Italy to the UK, we are now offering cost-effective sea freight services in the region for several other products like auto parts, wine, food, and others,” says Zaccagnino. With several such success stories, the company is making a mark for itself as a go-to freight forwarder for numerous businesses across industries. In the last few years, the company has been registering a steady year-on-year growth of about 25% since 2015. This year, it expects, as a group, a 40 percent growth and exceed 110 million by the end of the year. Zeta System has received many awards and recognition such as ‘Budgetary Performance High Honor’ at the Industria Felix Awards, organized by the quarterly magazine of economics and finance Industria Felix Magazine, a free supplement with Il Sole 24 Ore, among others. In addition, the company always keeps its innovation wheels rolling and has recently developed tailor-made software to refine the timing of communication, operations procedures, and commercial approach. “We will continue to keep our KPI at high standards, develop new markets, acquire new customers by offering new and innovative services and transport solutions,” concludes Zaccagnino.

If you are looking for high quality freight services, Zeta System has almost 30 years of experience and a great team of knowledgeable professionals. Sea Freight is our core business and we take it very seriously. We also offer a variety of other services that we bring to you in collaboration with our top worldwide partners.

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