If goods are produced in a continent and sold in another one, logistics costs account for 35% of the value of the goods. If you use our services you can reduce your costs remarkably. We meet your business and your logistic needs, thus tailoring our value added services to your individual needs and to your budget. Planning and saving logistics costs will make your goods more competitive. Save on space before shipping.

Shipping and Arrival
Prior to Shipping Save on Space Prior to shipping, whether by air, by sea or land, make sure that your goods are fowarded according to arranged operational procedures.

Save on Time Upon Arrival
We work to make customs clearance simpler and faster in the destination country. Thanks to our wide range of services we ensure a simple and efficient delivery of your goods.

Our quality inspection centres based in our headquarter as well as in our destination countries allow you to schedule the final control of the quality of your goods before shipping them. Thus, you will reduce the transfer costs of your auditors and motivate your suppliers to forward quality goods since the beginning.

Customs Procedures
Zeta System Logistics arranges the management, the assistance and the services for all clients operating in the international trade through a network of offices and affiliated companies based in the world’s main trading centres. We help our clients filling in the forms for customs procedures, for the Chambers of Commerce, for the Department of Agriculture, for the Ministry of Transport, for the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as for other governmental organizations. We are always compliant with customs laws and we always try to meet your interests.

Our Knowldege
Thanks to our long-time experience in international forwarding we can supply you with any information on local laws you may need. Furthermore, our consultants can carry out a detailed analysis of your supply chain. Make Distances Shorter From China to Naples, from Argentina to Mississippi, Zeta System Logistics is committed to adding value and efficiency, thus saving time, space and costs.



The photovoltaic plants will ensure the reduction of 64.014 tons of carbon dioxide per year accounting for the yearly emission produced by about 1,200 cars. This is Zeta System’s priority commitment  to safeguard the environment and increase its business.
The plants will yield about 129,000 kilowatt/hours per year: that is to say 162% of the energy needs of the plant located in Matera making it self-sufficient.
It will transfer the production surpluses to the national distribution network. Mr. Antonio Zaccagnino, the Chairman of Zeta System, stated that “being engaged on sustainable development is a responsibility and an opportunity at the same time.
It is a far-reaching investment for the company. Renewable energy sources are an opportunity to be competitive and save management costs.
Combining sustainable development and competitiveness is a key challenge for our company in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life within our territory”.


AEO Certificate
Zeta System has always focused its business on the constant improvement and upgrade of procedures. Therefore, it was granted the AEO status by HM Revenue and Customs. This important certificate makes our company a compliant and trustworthy logistics operator for the customs authority.
The company holds the “full” certificate (AEOF), the safety and security certificate (AEOS) as well as the customs simplification certificate (AEO). The company decided to undergo the application procedure to obtain the AEO status since it guarantees excellence standards of the logistics management, thus offering safer and more secure services to its customers.
Our customers and our company can benefit from the several advantages offered by this certificate such as: A better relationship with the customs authority as well as customs simplification; A better image as a trustworthy logistics operator; Mutual recognition Agreements of AEO status with third countries, like Japan, that is now in place, whereas the C-TPAT USA will take place in the future.
The Mutual Recognition Agreement with third countries will make