Operazioni Doganali

Exporting or importing goods from foreign countries could be a complicated process especially when dealing with documentations and Customs.

Things can turn really bad if your goods get stuck in a port thousands of miles away, without mentioning the substantial fines and even criminal liability.

For that very reason, Customs Clearance is better handled by professionals and Zeta provides a comprehensive service when it comes to Customs procedures.

Port forwarding is one of the most complex operations in the logistic environment and letting a professional handle it can make a huge difference in the way your business grows.

Zeta System organizza la gestione, l'assistenza e le operazioni tutte, per i clienti internazionali, attraverso un network di uffici e compagnie partner situati nei maggiori centri di scambio del mondo.

We also help our clients filling in forms for the Chambers of Commerce, for the Department of Agriculture, for the Ministry of Transport, for the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as for other governmental organisations.

We are always compliant with Customs laws and we always try to meet your interests.

Zeta’s experts will provide guidance and advice on all necessary procedures and relevant codifications, explain you all the Customs documentation required that need filled for the different types of goods as well as different routes, assist in the submission of import/export documentations as well as on-site authorisation of documents (i.e. EUR1 / ATR) and advice on Customs duty.

Se sei alla ricerca di un nuovo spedizioniere o di qualcuno che possa aggiungersi ai tuoi metodi correnti, Zeta System offre una grossa varietà di servizi e lo fa da quasi 30 anni.

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