Zeta System has always focused its business on the constant improvement and upgrade of procedures. Therefore, it was granted the AEO status by HM Revenue and Customs. This important certificate makes our company a compliant and trustworthy logistics operator for the customs authority.

The company holds the “full” certificate (AEOF), the safety and security certificate (AEOS) as well as the customs simplification certificate (AEO). The company decided to undergo the application procedure to obtain the AEO status since it guarantees excellence standards of the logistics management, thus offering safer and more secure services to its customers.

Our customers and our company can benefit from the several advantages offered by this certificate such as:

  • A better relationship with the customs authority as well as customs simplification;
  • A better image as a trustworthy logistics operator;
  • Mutual recognition Agreements of AEO status with third countries, like Japan, that is now in place, whereas the C-TPAT USA will take place in the future.

Se sei alla ricerca di un nuovo spedizioniere o di qualcuno che possa aggiungersi ai tuoi metodi correnti, Zeta System offre una grossa varietà di servizi e lo fa da quasi 30 anni.

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