Founded in 1992 Zeta System is one of the world’s largest logistics company providing the best technological solutions tailored to its clients’ needs. Zeta System is specialized in Supply Chain Management with door to door services; Forwarding; Groupage; Airfreight; Warehousing & Distribution.

Zeta System provides logistics services and transports of any kind of goods ranging from personal belongings, furniture, leather to consumer goods to be delivered to large companies situated in the North of the U.S.A., Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa.

Important manufacturing companies avail themselves of the services offered by Zeta System to manage their supply chain. Our logistics solutions considerably reduce the costs of general logistics, transport, warehousing and distribution.


Global Market

Global supply sources are increasingly important for manufacturing companies to have new opportunities and increase competitiveness. It is common practice to design products in the countries of origin of companies, to produce them in southern China and to place them on western markets. Consequently, products often undergo long and complex distribution procedures from their production sites to the final consumer.

Quality Assurance

Zeta System offers Supply Chain Management services to manage and control every step of your distribution chain. Our staff is made up of professionals who continuously work to meet your needs. Our 100 affiliated companies help us making your purchases, sales and logistics easier all over the world.
We Work with You

We work with you because we want to understand your needs and to meet your expectations. Our task is to understand your business and to help you optimize your logistics services. Our staff works with you to develop, to improve and to fulfil operational standards in order to meet the specific needs of your business and of your supply chain. We work with you to set up an integrated and tailored logistics system that will help you focus on your business.
High Standard of Care and Attention to Your Logistics

Our advanced control system will make your logistics easy and efficient. These processes are the key factors of our supply chain. We monitor every step of our supply chain from the beginning to the end.
High Quality Standards

Our logistics system complies to UNI EN ISO 9001. It consists of several programmes aiming at guaranteeing the high quality standards of the processes and services for all our clients all over the world.


Our professional staff attend vocational training courses to provide you the best services in terms of assistance and quality. Our company distinguishes itself by recruiting only highly motivated and professional personnel.



Realize economies of scale by placing your goods, for a short or long period of time,  in our warehouses spaced strategically all over the world. The strategic locations of our warehouses ensure an easy access to your goods in the place where you need them to be. Handle with Care We handle your goods and track them with the utmost care. Our experience and knowledge of customs procedures ensure a simple and efficient distribution system. You can keep track of your shipment from pick up to delivery.

Distribution Transhipment

You could save time and money transhipping goods from ocean containers to trucks ready to transport goods to distribution centres and to retailers directly. Our skilled staff will manage the whole process, thus ensuring a fast and efficient service tailored to your needs.

Skip Distribution Centres

If you know the final destination of your goods since the beginning of their production you can avoid the transit of goods. By saving distribution costs you will save time and money. Therefore,  your in-house staff will not deal with these issues and can take care of your main business.


Zeta System transfers your goods all over Europe, guaranteeing excellent and punctual services. Thanks to our tracking system we can find out where your shipments are at all times.



Less-Than-Container Loads
You can realize economies of scale on small consignments using our service contracts with the most important carriers on the market. If you do not have enough cargo to fill either a truck or a container you could use our groupage service to send your consignment with other customers’ goods into a container arranged by us. Your could rely on our highly skilled personnel and on our organisation that will keep track of your shipments at any time. You could also rely on our global network of about 100 affiliated companies in more than 50 countries. Thanks to our financial stability you could count on the safe arrival and delivery of goods.

Furthermore, thanks to our local experience in all customs procedures we can help you filling in the forms properly and making customs clearance faster. You will always keep track of your goods from pick up to delivery.

Full Container Loads
Operating as freight brokers, we can offer you 20 different contract service with a wide range of sea and land carriers. We can thus meet all your needs as for prices, transit time and services all over the world. Choosing among different service contracts is an opportunity to select the right carrier along with the most skilled and professional personnel that will handle your goods quickly at a global level.