Zeta System – vendita e noleggio containers usati

Zeta System Spa effettua la vendita o il noleggio dei propri container usati presso la sede generale di Matera, Basilicata. L’offerta è rivolta esclusivamente ad aziende o clienti del Centro e Sud Italia. Prodotti adatti ad ogni esigenza d’utilizzo, sia professionale che privato. Offriamo container marittimi o modificati in diverse dimensioni (per altezza e profondità). […]


As we all know by now, the UK left the EU earlier this year and we are now in a transition period that has given both parties time to negotiate a future trading relationship. For the duration of this period, the UK has remained part of the Customs Union. However, it is due to leave […]

CONTAINER VS TRAILER: What is best for Brexit?

Port operators and service providers in the United Kingdom are preparing for a Brexit shift of European cargo from direct import-export routes via Dover to other ports around the country.  Uk transport system has been recently heavily discussed because of a post-brexit congestion that could hit the sector. The government, together with the players and […]

Fumigazione – brown marmorated stink bug – obbligatoria per Australia e Nuova Zelanda

BROWN MARMORATED STINK BUG – TRATTAMENTO OBBLIGATORIO PER AUSTRALIA E NUOVA ZELANDA: tra il 01/09/2020 ed il 31/05/2021 alcune categorie merceologiche destinate in Australia o Nuova Zelanda sono soggette a trattamento obbligatorio di fumigazione per impedire la diffusione della cimice asiatica in quei territori. In particolare Break Bulk, Flat Rack e Open Top e la […]

Digital transformation in the freight world

The future of logistics is digital.  You have probably heard it too many times already but still, you can’t deny it’s a fact. The freight and logistics sector is no different from any other sector, all hit by the technology wave but only some are on top the wave.  Technology can be seen as an […]

What makes a great freight forwarder

If you are looking for high quality freight services, Zeta System has over 20 years of experience and a great team of knowledgeable professionals. Sea Freight is our core business and we take it very seriously. We also offer a variety of other services that we bring to you in collaboration with our top worldwide partners.

Containers Availability

Available Containers for shipping to the UK Here at Zeta we are working hard to make sure we guarantee all the services to our clients to avoid any interruption in their business. If your company had to change the way it operates or there are opportunities you want to grab, we are here to offer […]

How to prepare for Brexit

The UK has left the EU What does it mean for you and what you need to do. The United Kingdom has left the European Union and we have officially entered the transition period which will end in December 2020. This is deadline for everyone to make sure they are acomplying with the new regulations. […]

Customs Cleareance

Exporting or importing goods from foreign countries could be a complicated process especially when dealing with documentations and Customs. Things can turn really bad if your goods get stuck in a port thousands of miles away, without mentioning the substantial fines and even criminal liability. For that very reason, Customs Clearance is better handled by […]